Info & Location

Location: Mistorf (Germany)

Address of the Ecosocialist Educational Convergence:
Goldewin 16, Mistorf 18276, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Flight: The best Airport is the HAM in Hamburg to come to our Convergence.

From the Hamburg airport, there are two possibles routes to the place of the convergence:

1* Hamburg Airport (22335 Hamburg, Germany)

2* Commuter train(S-Bahn) to Hamburg Hbf

3* Hamburg Hbf WalkAbout 7 min to ZOB Bus-Port Hamburg

  • 4. Bus FlixBus to Rostock central bus station / HBF Rostock
  • 5. Rostock Hbf Commuter trains(S-Bahn) to Mistorf over Schwaan direction G├╝strow
  • 6. Mistorf Walk About 24 min , 2.0 km to Goldewin 18276 Mistorf, Germany

Directions from Mistorf train station to Ecoec location:,12.1322979/@53.8730376,12.1217099,2296m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x47ac46f196de2def:0xe4b75bfd7a375e3a!2m2!1d12.1232452!2d53.8802399!1m0!3e2

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2* There is also a train from the airport to Mistorf, or, if there aren’t, you can get off at Schwaan which is only 10 minutes by car from Mistorf. Link to the DB BAHN TravelService: