Second Week: Engage

After had discovered different theories and examples, in this phase we will engage with grassroots projects, visiting different examples in the region. Let’s put our hands on real projects of social change!

For excursions during the conference we offer following targets:

For details on the locations, click on the map to open it larger and click the point of interest.

June 3rd

  • Healing center Karow
  • tour to visit windmills in the area and farmer‘s lake in LÃŒssow

June 4th

Rostock has a lot to see like the light house in WarnemÃŒnde. For political organizing we are connected to

  • Peter Weiß Haus
  • JAZ
  • Cafe Median

June 5th

There is a solidary economy network in and around Rostock. For example green food is grown collectively in Bandow. If you are interested to see their place, today you have an opportunity to get to know it.

  • CSA Bandow (ecological farm with solidary agriculture)
  • Warnow valley – tour through the beaturiful river biotope